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About Ombudsman
According to the National Center on Secondary Education and Transition (NCSET), a child drops out of high school every nine seconds.

Ombudsman Educational Services’ alternative programs offer nontraditional learners an alternate route to a high school diploma and help communities combat the staggering social and economic costs of high dropout rates. Ombudsman programs increase graduation rates, reduces dropout rates, strongly and measurably advances the skill level of it students, and has an untold societal cost benefit.

Our learning centers feature technology-rich learning environments, rigorous academics that are aligned to state standards and the Common Core, and caring, highly qualified teachers who guide and encourage middle school and high school students to make positive choices about their academics and behaviors. We partner with more than 120 public school districts to operate more than 130 learning centers in 20 states.

Making a Difference
Ombudsman teachers have a special passion for working with students who are at risk. They love knowing they make a real difference in the lives of young people who may not otherwise graduate from high school. With a low student-instructor ratio, Ombudsman teachers help students remain focused, motivated and engaged in learning.

Our blended learning approach is differentiated and personalized, and includes enrichment, teacher-led instruction and small group collaboration. Because each education program is tailored to meet the specific needs of the student, Ombudsman instructors give every student individualized attention.

Ombudsman teachers inspire and guide students to make good choices about their academic progress, their attendance and their behaviors. They receive the materials, supplies and administrative support they need to be effective educators. Our teachers know they make an impact. In 2012, 84 percent of Ombudsman students graduated, earned credits or returned to their district school closer to or at grade level.

Professional Rewards
Ombudsman teachers work for a dynamic company that provides a true career path, with opportunities to learn, grow and advance professionally. Teachers can be recommended by their supervisors for participation in Ombudsman’s Leadership Development Program to gain the skills they need to become learning center directors, operations managers overseeing multiple learning centers and assistant vice presidents with responsibility for multiple regions in a territory. In fact, ChanceLight/Ombudsman’s President and Chief Operating Officer began her career as a teacher in an Ombudsman learning center.

Quality of Life
Ombudsman teachers share responsibilities with a team in a small learning community; therefore, they have the opportunity to review assignments and evaluate student work during the day rather than at night. They are not required to supervise after-school clubs or other activities, so their time is their own once the class day ends. Many Ombudsman teachers are retired educators with a dedication for working with young people and a desire to supplement retirement income.

Please consider becoming an Ombudsman teacher if you have:

  • A bachelor’s degree;
  • State teacher certification;
  • Experience teaching middle or high school;
  • Strong motivational and communication skills;
  • Organizational and basic computer and clerical skills;
  • The ability to maintain a positive learning environment; and
  • A genuine commitment to working with young people.

Compensation includes salary, training and benefits.